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Song of the Day-"Fletta"

I am kind of giving up on Tumblr. They don't seem to make it easy--well, for me anyway--to post a video, give it a proper headline and write some comments. So, song of the day now becomes a regular feature of The Blue Chair.

I buy a lot of music. I think I digitally own ever album by Antony and The Johnson's except for their most recent one. I first became aware of Antony and his beautiful, haunting vocals when Lou Reed brought him around on tour about 10 years ago and I heard the results on Reed's 2004 live album, "Animal Serenade." Sometime after that, I started checking out Antony's own music. This song is from 2010's "Swanlight" and the fact that it's flown below my radar until now tells me what I've long suspected--that I own too damn much music to keep track of it all. Today, it randomly popped up on my itunes and I immediately recognized Bjork's distinctive vocals. In fact, Antony pretty much takes a back seat to her on this track, though his vocals can be clearly heard. How could I have had a song as lovely as this in my collection and not really have been aware of it? Criminal negligence, Chadwick. Just criminal.


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